Wardrobe Projects

In 2006, I determined to add more figural subjects in my paintings, but after beginning this pursuit I quickly became disenchanted with contemporary clothing, which I found uninteresting to paint and too "ordinary" for the sort of paintings that I wanted to create.  As I developed the ideas for these new works, I began to envision them as images evocative of legend and folklore, involving richly colorful and imaginative garments.  It was clear that modern jeans and t-shirts, and even formal dresses, just wouldn't do.

Early in this process, I considered the use of medieval clothing, which is commercially available for use at Rennaissance fairs and similar events - the problem with this option, however, was that these designs were tied to a specific time-period and were readily recognizable as period costumes, which was not really what I was after.  I wanted something that was more distinctly of my own imagining, something more creative, more original, and less attached to a particular historical era - and something that could deliver the precise shapes and colors that I wanted to see.

Of course, there was only one solution: I had to design the clothing myself, and find a like-minded tailor who could create the clothing to my specifications.  In addition, I needed other physical props, which I would construct myself.  This page offers links to the various completed or ongoing projects related to this new pursuit.

First Concepts

First Cloak - from start to finish

First Prop - the Candlestick