Sketches for Sale: Current Work, 2015 - Present

Newer work is available here. Most of these are drawings or oil-sketches on durable, 300-lb watercolor paper, often serving as preparatory studies prior to larger, more finished pieces (although the final works don't always come to fruition).

Each work is numbered. If you're interested in a piece, please contact me by e-mail and identify the piece by its number and by its title (or by the category that it belongs to: in this case, "current work"). All prices include the cost of shipping.


#1 - Vinegar Jar Still Life - Oil on primed 300-lb watercolor paper, 6 x 8 inches.


Done from life in the studio in 2015.



#2 - Study of Mather Point, Grand Canyon - oil on primed 300-lb watercolor paper, 8 x 14 inches.


Done from photographic references in 2015.


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