If you've always wanted to own an example of my work, but couldn't afford the price of highly-finished, gallery-quality work that typically costs thousands of dollars, then this is the place for you. Here, I'm offering a variety of work for sale, consisting primarily of sketches, rough drafts and preparatory paintings. Some of them have been hidden away in my own collection for years, while others are more current. At this time, the available work falls into three categories:

- Current sketches and paintings (2015 - Present)

- Sketches from my cruise to the Marquesas Islands (2007)

- Tree drawings from my early years on Maui (1996 - 1998)

Please click on any of the categories above to see what's available. Each piece is priced differently according to size, age, general condition, and overall quality. All prices include the cost of shipping to you. The vast majority of the works are on paper, and most are unframed unless otherwise stated - you may frame them to your own taste and budget.

If you'd like to acquire any of this work, simply contact me by e-mail at (or use the e-mail form here, if you prefer), tell me the number and the category of the work that you're interested in, and then I'll ask you to mail me a personal check. We're doing this the old-fashioned way. Thanks very much for your interest!