Yosemite Valley

It's amazing that it took me this long to visit Yosemite National Park, but I went there for the first time in May of 2009. I had only two days to enjoy there, but it's amazing how much you can see in this park in such a brief period of time.

Depending on your point of entry, the park is accessed through one or more tunnels like the one seen below:


The obligatory photo of El Capitan. This is the world's largest granite monolith, and it's indescribably impressive when experienced in person. As with most of Yosemite's wonders, the scale of this object is entirely lost in photography. It's gigantic.




The Waterfalls

There is virtually no place in the valley where a waterfall of tremendous height cannot be readily seen. The extreme dimensions of the cliffs and associated cascades give the place an otherworldly quality.









Glacier Point




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