Great Smoky Mountains National Park

All of the images on this page are photographs that I've taken in the Smoky Mountains - there is no artwork featured here.

They're the oldest mountains on Earth, formed some 900 million years ago when the continents of North America and Africa collided through the slow-motion work of plate tectonics.  Ancient native Americans called the place Shaconage, "the land of blue smoke," in reference to the seemingly perpetual fog and mist that occurs here.  Some areas receive as much as 80 inches of rainfall a year, sustaining a temperate rainforest that sheds its moisture in a multitude of fresh-water streams.  The mountains have been preserved as a national park since the 1930's.  Within driving distance of three-fourths of the American population, this is the most visited park in the country.  It's also my new stomping ground - in July of 2009, I moved to a residence just a few miles outside of the park's Tennessee border.  Here's a collection of some of my better photos from the park and the surrounding foothills.

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