National Parks of the Canadian Rockies
Banff - Yoho - Glacier - Mount Revelstoke

Alberta, Canada - Spring and Summer 2011

All of the images on this page are photographs that I've taken in Canada - there is no artwork featured here.

I visited Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies for only two days in May of 2011, but that brief trip was so amazing that I soon returned for a two week visit in July of the same year.  This is one of the great places of the world, truly scenic beyond belief.  Banff is Canada's first national park, and is absolutely huge.  Although its mountains, forests, and abundant wildlife are spectacular, the most unique treasures of Banff are its icy-blue glacial lakes, for which the park is world-famous.  West of Banff are three other national parks - Yoho, Glacier, and Mount Revelstoke - where I also spent some time.  Collected below are the photographic highlights from both the spring and summer trips, arranged in nine galleries by subject.




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