Current Exhibitions or Classes

No ongoing exhibits at this time.

However, I am offering a drawing class, to be taught at Hobby Lobby in Maryville, Tennessee. Below is a full description of the class. Or if you happen to visit the Hobby Lobby in Maryville, you can pick up a printed brochure from my presentation located just inside the main entrance to the store.

Basic Drawing, with Kit Gentry
Saturday evenings, 5:00 - 7:30 p.m., beginning August 5th

If you want to learn the basic principles of drawing, I’m ready to share them with you in this class. I’ll introduce you to the simple concepts that you’ll need to understand in order to draw any subject confidently.

If you have no experience with drawing yet, this is the place to get started. But even if you already have some experience, you may find the class helpful, so I encourage anyone to attend. And if you’ve told yourself that you “have no talent,” I can assure you that absolutely everyone can learn to improve their drawing skills.

Over a period of several weeks, the concepts to be covered will include:

- Basic use of drawing tools and papers.
- Drawing with both light and dark marks on toned paper.
- The observation of light, shadow, and reflected light.
- The rules of perspective.
- The importance of observing “negative shapes.”
- Measuring subjects to determine correct proportions.

The supply list is relatively simple. Here are the items you’ll want to have:

- An 18 x 24 pad of white, good-quality drawing paper
- A package of vine charcoal (soft or medium - NOT hard)
- A kneaded eraser
- A chamois cloth (the small artists’ variety - not the kind used for washing cars)
- Two or three charcoal pencils
- A small pencil sharpener
- A white charcoal pencil (these are sometimes offered in a package with regular charcoal pencils and a sharpener, which would be a convenient option for you).

The class will be held in a room within Hobby Lobby. Cost is $20 per session, and you can attend as many or as few of them as you like - but new concepts will be introduced progressively from one week to the next, for a total of eight weeks.

If you’d like to attend or need more information, please contact me directly:

You can call or text me at (734) 582-3365
You can also send e-mail:

Thanks for your interest, and I hope to see you in class!


About me:

Originally from Michigan, I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Art in 1991. Soon after graduation, I moved to Maui, where I began my career in the arts; I’ve been represented there at The Village Gallery in Lahaina since 1998. I also taught drawing in Hawaii for many years.

My oils, pastels and drawings are primarily focused on landscape subjects, and have featured locations as diverse as Hawaii, French Polynesia, California, the Canadian Rockies, and more recently the Smoky Mountains - I moved to East Tennessee in 2009, now residing in Townsend.

My work has been featured in numerous local and national juried art contests, including Art Maui, Arts for the Parks, and Yosemite Renaissance. Over the years, three of my paintings were purchased by the State of Hawaii for its public collection. I’ve been featured twice each in both “International Artist” magazine and “Pratique des Arts” magazine (an arts publication in France).

If you’d like to find out more about myself and my work, please visit my website: